Truth is...

40min   |   Language   |  Locaflix Production

Director Goodenough Nkosi

Every now and again on this pandemic; we wish to engage with our audience. Keep them aware of the products we’re constantly releasing for their engagement.


Less than a year ago, Yallunder released an EP titled Uthando Lwam under her record label 1020 Cartel. This EP saw its successes in the television space and also did remarkably well in the media space considering that this was her first project as a newly signed artist following her single from iSambulo titled Ndinovalo.


On this special virtual show edition with Locaflix; Truth Is… Yallunder takes through some of the stories behind her work and her attachment to her work.


With music from Uthando Lwam, and conversations in between. The aim of the show is to not only entertain but bring her audience closer to an understanding and interpretation of her music only exclusive to LocaFlix.


“Truth is, no song is written in isolation…”


Allow us to take you the viewer on this intriguing journey.